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Volume I, Issue 1 ~ October 2022


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Bee-Bot Buzz! This newsletter will help you make the most of the Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots in your school. Learn how best to engage your students in curriculum concepts and problem-solving using these fun robots.

Bee-Bot Lessons Gets an Update

Bee-Bot Lessons is a web-based curriculum for young learners to explore with Bee-Bots and Blue Bots, both in the classroom and online. Newly expanded and updated, this new version now offers 67% more lessons than the original. It includes:


  • 10 main chapters, covering all areas of the school curriculum
  • 165+ interactive lessons, many with multiple levels of difficulty
  • 225+ PDFs with thousands of images, perfect to use with Terrapin's Card Mat
  • 450+ online activities, with easy-to-use links for students to access them
  • new, more challenging lessons for older or more advanced students
  • expanded cultural and ethnic diversity in lesson content and images


These lessons cover topics for even the youngest learner, and all connect to accredited educational standards.


Check out the Bee-Bot Lessons Table of Contents. These lessons are being continually updated, so check back often to see what is new.


Bee-Bot Lessons is an affordable site license, giving access to all teachers and students at your school. You can log in to the lessons from school or home to plan ahead. Sign up for multiple years for convenience and savings.

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NEW!  Now You Can Preview Bee-Bot Lessons!

Now you can check out Bee-Bot Lessons before you license it. You can see all the lesson topics, view the Resource PDFs, and try a representative lesson in each chapter. See how the lessons and the online activities would benefit your students. As new lessons are added, you will see the updated contents. Try the Preview now!


Are Your Bee-Bots Ready for Halloween?

As your students plan their Halloween costumes, why not have them dress up the Bee-Bots, too?

Students can decorate white "Bee-signer" jackets with markers, decals, stickers, hats, feathers, and much more. The jacket snaps over Bee-Bot, giving it a fun, festive look as it travels on its way.

"Bee-signer" Jackets come in a pack of 4 for just $19.95 and shipping is the same for up to 4 sets. Order them today so they arrive in time for Halloween!  Read more and order now.

Check out these other Bee-Bot accessories: Pusher Jackets and Pen Holder Jackets.

Just for fun: What do you get when you cross a Bee-Bot with a pumpkin? A Bee-Kin! See how these Massachusetts teachers turned a pumpkin into a Bee-Bot!

Bee-Bot Quick Start Sheet (PDF)

Here's a handy Bee-Bot Quick Start Sheet to post in your classroom. It reminds students what to do on "Bee-Bot Days," and can help if you have a substitute covering your class.

Periodically review the content with your students so they remember how to handle Bee-Bot safely.


We want to hear from you!

We are always looking for feedback on our products and suggestions for new content and features. For example:

  • What new lesson topics would you like to see in Bee-Bot Lessons?
  • Which grade levels need more lessons and online activities?
  • What features would you like added to the Bee-Bot Lessons online activities?
  • How can we best support your use of Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots?
  • What do you want to learn to do with Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots?

Do you have photos or videos of students using Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots that you have permission to share? We'd love to see them and perhaps feature them in the next Bee-Bot Buzz.

Please send your ideas, suggestions, and files to info@terrapinlogo.com.

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