Terrapin Resources

Welcome to the Business World!

You and a group of your classmates will now take control of your own company. You will manage a small company that takes baseball caps and puts special logos and designs on them.

As manager of your company, your job will be to buy boxes of baseball caps at wholesale prices, customize them and then sell them to retail customers, such as students, schools and stores.

This business will require you to make decisions:

  • How many boxes of caps should I buy?
  • What price should I charge my customers?
  • How much should I spend on promotion? (advertising, marketing, etc.)
  • Should I invest in new equipment?

You will make these and other decisions and then receive a report that tells you how successful you have been (or not been)!

Your classmates are in the same business, and they are working very hard to sell their baseball caps, too. The company that earns the most profit while operating its business is the company with the best managers.

Is that you?

Details of your company:

  • Each company buys caps in boxes of 25 caps.
  • Each box of caps costs $100.
  • Each company pays $1.00 per cap to imprint a design or words on it.
  • Each company must pay $50 rent each week.

Think about your baseball caps and what strategy you will use to sell your caps.