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Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering, Shipment, and Payment

Click any question below and the answer appears! If you are unable to find an answer to your question, send your question to Terrapin. We will get back to you and may even add your question to the FAQs to help others in the future.

Tips for Ordering from Terrapin is a PDF file available for download that includes answers to frequently asked questions about ordering, payments, shipping, and taxes, providing a useful reference to ordering from Terrapin.

How can I purchase Terrapin products?

Terrapin is proud to offer a range of “Tools for Thinking” that inspire creativity, create excitement, advance learning, and achieve STEM goals in the classroom. You can learn about, review, and purchase Terrapin products on the Terrapin website at https://www.terrapinlogo.com.

Does Terrapin accept purchase orders?

Terrapin is pleased to accept purchase orders from American schools and other non-profit educational institutions. Purchase orders may be sent by fax (617-302-9778), email (sales@terrapinlogo.com) or mail (955 Massachusetts Avenue # 365, Cambridge, MA 02139).

For faster service, you can place orders online. Place the items desired in the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and fill out the bill to and ship to information. Choose School Purchase Order as form of payment. Enter the purchase order number when requested or, if not yet available, enter “to be supplied.” Complete the order so that an order number is generated. Ordering online in conjunction with a submitted purchase order gets your order into the shipping queue more quickly and allows you to take advantage of online discounts.

When the purchase order is available, send it to Terrapin, referencing the online order number. We will match the purchase order to your online order and put it in the shipping queue. Online orders do not ship until we have received a copy of the purchase order.

Can I get a quote?

Customers can use Terrapin’s online shopping cart to generate an immediate quote. Place the desired items in the shopping cart and click the Request Quote button. Fill out the information requested and complete the quote. This provides an official quote with prices and shipping charges that is valid for a year from the date of the quote. This also creates an online account, making it easier to make any changes and to convert the quote to an order when the purchase order is received.

To convert the quote to an order, send Terrapin a copy of the purchase order for the quote or call (1-800-774-5646) to convert the order with another form of payment. We may contact you if we don’t hear from you in a couple of months to see if the quote is still under consideration for purchase.

Advantages of using our online quoting system include:

  • Capture online discounts.
  • Lock in prices for up to a year.
  • Determine shipping and handling charges.
  • Avoid out of stock items at shipping time.

If you would like Terrapin to provide a quote for you, contact us with the bill-to and ship-to information and the list of products you would like.

Should I register online?

Terrapin’s website offers online registration. This records customer billing, shipping, and contact information, but not payment information.

Advantages of an online account include:

  • customer tracking of orders
  • easier order adjustment
  • billing and shipping information stored for future orders
  • simpler customer contact

Access your online customer account with the email address used to create it.

Does Terrapin charge sales tax?

Terrapin currently charges sales tax only on orders shipped to addresses in Massachusetts. Massachusetts schools and tax-exempt organizations should pre-register with Terrapin to be marked tax exempt prior to ordering. To do so, create an account online and then contact Terrapin via email (sales@terrapinlogo.com) with the tax exemption number or certificate attached. We will mark the account tax exempt and you can use the account to order without incurring sales tax.

Tax exempt schools and organizations outside Massachusetts may send us their tax exemption number or certificate and we will record the information in their account in case future tax collection rules change.

Can Terrapin send me a W-9 and/or other vendor forms?

Request a W-9 form online at https://www.terrapinlogo.com/forms/w9.html or email Terrapin (info@terrapinlogo.com) requesting a W-9 and we will return one to you. If your school or district requires other forms to be filled out, include those in the email and we will strive to complete and return them expeditiously. Note that we are unable to do notarizations.

What forms of payment does Terrapin accept?

Terrapin accepts Paypal and Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Terrapin accepts purchase orders from American schools and educational non-profit institutions. Terrapin also accepts wire transfers and ACH or EFT payments and will provide information to do so on request (info@terrapinlogo.com). Terrapin invoices may be paid by check, ACH, or credit card.

Organizations that prefer to prepay by check (such as PTOs) may print a quote and mail it with the check to Terrapin, 955 Massachusetts Avenue # 365, Cambridge MA 02139.

Quotes and online orders are shipped after Terrapin receives payment or a purchase order.

Will Terrapin send an invoice for my order?

An invoice is emailed and mailed (in duplicate) to the billing address on purchase orders within a few days after all the items on the order are shipped. Terrapin automatically extends net 30 payment terms against school purchase orders.

Checks to pay invoices for purchase orders should be made payable to Terrapin and sent to our remittance address at 955 Massachusetts Avenue # 365, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Does Terrapin ship to Canada?

Terrapin has partnered with Robotix Education (https://robotixeducation.ca/) to offer Terrapin’s full product line in Canada. To reduce shipping expense and avoid currency conversion fees and border hassles, Terrapin encourages Canadian customers to contact Robotix Education directly. Robotix Education accepts purchase orders from Canadian schools and bills in Canadian currency.

Does Terrapin ship outside the United States and Canada?

Terrapin ships orders placed on its website all over the world. Payment mcan be made by credit card or bank transfer. Bank transfer information is automatically sent to customers who enter an order indicating bank transfer as preferred form of payment.

Shipping charges calculated by the shopping cart for shipments outside North America are for postal shipping. In our experience, packages take 7–10 days to arrive in other countries via the postal service. Alternate carriers, such as UPS, can be used upon request though the cost is usually higher than the postal service.

Is the Terrapin website secure?

The Terrapin website is fully secure and Terrapin is PCI compliant with credit cards.

Does Terrapin offer educational discounts?

Most Terrapin customers are schools and other educational organizations, so prices are set for them. Terrapin offers discounts on product “bundles,” groupings of related products that work well together in a classroom. They can be found in the Bundles section of our website. We also offer Build Your Own Bundle volume discounts. Build Your Own Bundle automatically provides 5% discount for orders over $500 and 10% discount for orders over $1000 on items in the shopping cart not in an already-discounted bundle, though bundles do count toward the overall total. Build Your Own Bundle is built into the shopping cart. Feel free to use the shopping cart to determine the best prices on the group of products that fits your needs between our pre-packaged bundles and the Build Your Own Bundle discount.

How does Terrapin ship orders?

Terrapin ships via USPS and UPS, choosing the best carrier for each situation. In general, smaller packages go via USPS and larger, heavier packages via UPS. Orders addressed to a post office box will be shipped via USPS.

Most USPS orders are sent via Priority Mail, which arrives in 2–3 days to most U.S. addresses. UPS ground shipments arrive in 1–5 business days to most addresses depending on distance from our shipping warehouse.

On request, Terrapin can use expedited services or other carriers. Contact Terrapin via phone (1-800-774-5646) or email info@terrapinlogo.com for information.

How can I provide special instructions?

There is a comment section on the last page of our online ordering/quote process. Please enter any special instructions, requests, questions, or comments there. For example, if your school is closed for vacation or other reasons and cannot receive packages, please note the dates so we can avoid delivery during that time. We receive the messages when the quote or order is placed. We do read and respond!

We also strive to respond to email requests promptly and answer the phone (1-800-774-5646) or return phone messages during our business hours (M–F 9–5 ET) as quickly as possible.