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Coding Journeys

Which robots best fit your students’ skills and interests? These activities will help you find out!

These coding adventures help you and your students compare Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot.
The activities, based on different types of journeys, use Terrapin’s free Online Emulators that run in a browser window.

Students practice coding as they learn to use the special features of Bee-Bots, Blue-Bots, and Pro-Bots.
Their coding skills will develop as they progress from simple to more complex challenges.

In each section, students can start with simple moves and turns, then expand to using angles and loops. Students will experience the wide range of these robots’ capabilities. Some of the challenges are quite tricky! Students can work in pairs to complete them. Have them record the commands they used.

Tips and lesson ideas are at the right side of each mat. Students can save their completed projects (or works-in-progress) using the ‘Save’ button. The code is saved in the Downloads folder of the computer.

Park Your Car

Bee-Bot Parking Blue-Bot Parking Pro-Bot Parking

Snakes and Ladders Game

Bee-Bot Game Blue-Bot Game Pro-Bot Game

Go on a Drive

Bee-Bot Drive Blue-Bot Drive Pro-Bot Drive

Shape Journeys

Bee-Bot Shape Blue-Bot Shape Pro-Bot Shape

Time Travels

Bee-Bot: By Land Blue-Bot: By Sea Pro-Bot: By Air

Walk Through the Dictionary

Bee-Bot ABC Order Blue-Bot ABC Order Pro-Bot ABC Order

Amazing Mazes

Bee-Bot Maze Blue-Bot Maze Pro-Bot Maze

Visit the Zoo

Bee-Bot Zoo Blue-Bot Zoo Pro-Bot Safari

Word Journeys

Bee-Bot Colors Blue-Bot Animals Pro-Bot Compound Words

Climb a Mountain

Bee-Bot Mountain Blue-Bot Mountains Pro-Bot Mountain

Be a Moon Rover

Bee-Bot Moon Rover Blue-Bot Moon Rover Pro-Bot Moon Rover

Travel the USA

The map is the same for all robots, but you can create easier or harder challenges, depending on the robot and your students.

Bee-Bot USA Map Blue-Bot USA Map Pro-Bot USA Map

Image credits
Pro-Bot Safari Map: Image by macrovector on Freepik
Other free images from pixabay.com and stock.adobe.com.