Terrapin Resources

About the Level 2 Commands

In addition to the Level 1 commands (F, R, L, X, and N), four new commands are introduced at Level 2.

Remember that you can press * at any time to save a child’s picture.

Square - S

Pressing the S key causes the turtle to draw a square. The turtle travels 40 turtle steps and draws its square with right turns, reinforcing clockwise motion. Children will soon get used to precisely where the turtle will draw the square after some exploration.

Circle - C

Pressing the C key causes the turtle to draw a circle. This is also drawn with a clockwise motion. Remind the children to tap each command key gently and wait for the turtle to complete its circle before pressing another key.

Back - B

The B command moves the turtle backward 20 pixels or dots on the screen. It does not change the direction the turtle is pointing. Now children can back the turtle up in addition to moving it forward.

Opposite turn - O

Pressing the O key turns the turtle the Other way around, a 180 degree turn. Typing six R’s or six L’s takes time and effort. Although the letter O is not related to a Logo command, this command will make things easier for the children and seems to be a logical thing for the turtle to be able to do. Have fun watching the children delight in flipping the turtle back and forth (although quite unnecessarily) when you first introduce this new trick.