Terrapin Resources

About the Level 5 Commands

Level 5 introduces only a few commands, but they are very powerful commands indeed! One command allows you to repeat a set of instructions any number of times you want. The others allow you to combine those repeated instructions into a new design. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds, as you will see.

Read the tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Again - A

Pressing A repeats the instructions you have given since you began KL5 (or erased your work). Each time you press A (for Again), the turtle draws your design again. A little tune will play to acknowledge the command. Move the turtle to somewhere else on the screen and press A. Your design will be drawn there.

G, M, Z

Pressing these letters allows you to store additional sets of instructions. These keys are not used for other Kinderlogo commands.

Note that if another set of commands includes the Home command, you may get unexpected results!

New - N

This command is not new, but there is an added dimension to it at Level 5. When you press N to erase the screen, you will see an additional choice.

Click Picture to erase the picture on the screen. You will not erase the instructions you have captured with A (or the G or M or Z) keys. You can continue to recall these pictures with the A, G, M, and Z keys after the picture is erased.

Click All to erase both the picture and the sets of instructions you have named with a letter. You will not be able to redraw those designs after you have clicked the All button. However, you can create new sets of instructions to store using the letter keys.

Click No to cancel out of this message box. Neither the picture nor the instructions will be erased.

Erase - E

Pressing E allows you to erase the set of instructions named with a letter. You will be prompted to type the letter you used to name the instructions. Press the OK button to erase the instructions, or Cancel if you change your mind.

Note that if the instructions in the letter you asked to erase are used by another letter’s instructions, you cannot erase it. You will see a message that notifies you.