Terrapin Resources

Kinderlogo Extras


Some of these activities don’t use the regular turn move and turn commands for the turtle. Instead children will use the mouse to express their creativity or play a few games. These are fun activities to finish out a computer class.

These activities can be used by all your students, regardless of the Kinderlogo level they may be in.

Color Grid — Click the mouse to create a masterpice of colors in a grid.

Turns — Two players roll a die and try to be the first to get to their end of the row. (One person can play alone.)

Memory Game — Click on pairs of cards to reveal images and make matches.

Music Keyboard — Play tunes on this musical keyboard. Here are songs to try!

Explore with Bee-Bot — Use key commands to move Bee-Bot around one of three mats and mark destinations you have visited.

Use the Bee-Bot Emulator — Try out the online version of the floor Bee-Bot.