Terrapin Resources

Teacher Resources

The resources in this section give you ideas to offer children as they explore all levels of Kinderlogo.

Several links offer support to teachers as they learn to use Kinderlogo themselves.

Many of these PDFs give ideas for themes to try out with your students. Click a link at the left to view, download, or print the page.

Level 1 Ideas

  • The Circle Challenge: Challenge your students to draw a circle! They may not get a complete round-ish circle right away, but eventually they will. See their explorations and successful results of their circle drawings.
  • Letters: How many letters can they draw? You may find yourself saying, “No one has drawn an X yet. I need an X. Can anyone draw an X?” See some letter As, Ws, and a complete alphabet!
  • Square Corner Day: How many turns make a square corner? Can children make an entire design using square corners?
  • Starter Houses: Ask children to try to draw a house. Here are some examples of children’s drawings of houses at Level 1.

Level 2 Ideas

  • Circles and Squares: When first presented with the C and S commands for circles and squares, children will experiment with circles and squares everywhere before settling down to more formed pictures. See some examples in the Shapes page.
  • Vehicles: Challenge students to draw a vehicle. Here are some vehicles that travel on land, sea, and air that second graders drew.

Level 3 Ideas

  • Level 3 Houses: Second Graders’ houses are more complex than those drawn by Kindergartners. At Level 3, the windows can be disconnected from the walls, for example. Check out these students’ Level 3 houses.
  • Draw Your Name: Can students draw their name? Here are some interesting results for drawings of names. Students strategically used pen up and pen down commands to separate the letters.

Level 4 Ideas

  • At Level 4, students are exploring with color. By now, they can work on their own, creating the pictures they want. They won’t need inspiration from you!

Level 5 Ideas

  • At Level 5, students can create building blocks, give them a letter name (A, G, M, or Z) and use them to create complex pictures out of them.

Kinderlogo Extras

  • Sing some easy songs with your students and then have them try to play them on the Music Keyboard. The Keyboard-Tunes PDF has all the notes written out for them.