Terrapin Resources


The intent is to:

  • Show the turtle at any moment to engage the concept for kids (SHOWTURTLE)
  • Show the procedures running in the Listener window while showing the turtle in the Graphics window at the same time using the TRACE command.
  • Demonstrate that with 3 basic procedures: ELEMENT, ROTATE_ELEMENT, and GRAPH_SIN, you can build al lot of new and more complex graphs.
  • Show the use of some of the powerful commands like: SETWIDTH, SETPC, TURTLETEXT, SETSPEED, DOT, etc. particularly to show the different speeds, colors, widths and the powerful results for designing and drawing at high speed.

I wanted to catch the attention of:

  • kids at Elementary (with the Turtle and colors),
  • kids at Middle School (with the rotations),
  • kids at Highschool with the sin(x) in the x-axis and y-axis.
  • teachers who are willing to have a tool to teach coding for all levels.


  • Description: A set of procedures for building blocks with Polygons, Rotations, and Sin(x)
  • Level: Beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Tags: Color, Fill, Set Width, Pen Color, Turtle Text, Set Speed, Drawing, Dot