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Black and White

B&W shows the use of PX, a function that really invites experiments and creativity. It’s very simple. All it does is change the color of overlapping elements. If you place a black rectangle over a black circle, the overlapping area will turn white.

By using WAIT, LOOP and RANDOM an animated version of B&W can be created that will run for hours with the picture constantly changing in a stroboscopic way. In a dark room on a big screen this could make you go crazy. Be careful!

B&W starts with a striped area. Then rectangles, circles and lines are placed by using the coordinates for their position. The width of the lines is changed with SETWIDTH. Adding new figures to the program is OK and easy, just add a new program line where you want it. I seldom open my own version without putting in a new figure. B&W is just one example of the use of the PX function. There are more ideas waiting to be explored.

Logo 5 does not work very well with PX. Therefore, some of the effects are lost with Logo 5.


Procedure B&W 1
Description Black and White Art
Level Beginner
Tags Art