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ColorHelper creates many procedures that output lists to make it a little easier to play around with the Extended Colors of Logo. With 138 colors to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one to use.

Suppose you want a green color but not the standard green. You can do PICK GREENS to get a random choice of 19 shades of green. ColorHelper defines 10 different shade groups to pick from. If you need a dark color, you can get one with PICK DARKS. ColorHelper defines 7 intensity groups (based on the prefix of the color name).

You can always pick a color with PICK COLORS to get a random choice of the 138 Extended Colors.

And you can always use the full range of colors by using the RGB triplet representation.

An example demonstration package called ColorPlay is available for download. It uses ColorHelper to show the colors in a variety of ways… simple displays, optical illusions, animations and a puzzle.


Description A set of procedures to help you play around with the Extended Colors.
Level Beginner
Tags Colors, Utility