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Easy Art

Easy Art is a very simple program with a lot of possibilities. Almost artwork! The lines are an uncomplicated repetition of 4 commands with the GOHOME procedure run after every single step.

When TURTLE crosses the FRAME coordinates, it is ordered to turn and head for HOME and continue zigzag walking.

Then the background is painted with the lightest possible gray [254 254 254]. This prevents the color program PICCOLORSDOT from painting the background. PICKCOLORSDOT paints fields that have not already been painted, but does not see “white” as a color. Therefore the light gray!

Finally the closed areas are painted with PICKCOLORSDOT. Then light gray is exchanged for white. A special effect may be achieved by changing the color of the lines to white making the colored areas “fly in the air”. Remember to paint the background light gray first [254 254 254]!


Procedure EASYART 1
Description Graphics Art
Level Beginner
Tags Art, Graphics