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Product description

Easi-Scope is an easy to use microscope. You hold the Easi-Scope over an object, focus by turning the top, then take videos or still images (at up to x54 magnification) using the single control button. Examining items you have around you like sand, chalk, Velcro, strawberries or even lint can awaken the junior scientist in all who look on! It’s especially ideal for use in the study and investigation of 3D objects that normally would not fit under a standard microscope.

How it is successfully implemented

Perfect for centers and research. Students can integrate pictures and videos captured to create stunning presentations.

Learning outcomes to be expected: Students will use the Easi-Scope to analyze and describe materials. Students will recognize the Easi-Scope as a resource to use for inquiry.


Does this tool work independently? Yes

What device platforms does it work with?

You can connect your Easi-Scope to any device platform.

Are there any other STEM Tools that this product plays well with? Collection Containers provide a convenient way to collect, save, and store dry samples for examination with Easi-Scope. Use them for sand, shells, leaves, twigs, rocks and more. The clear, round, hard plastic containers have a screw top that comes off easily for collection and secures for storage. For more detail visit:


Technical Documentation