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Flexi-Scope Care and Maintenance

How to Care for your Flexi-Scope

  • Avoid vibration, shock and pressure to the microscope.
  • Do not drop the microscope.
  • Keep the microscope dry and protect it from water or vapor.
  • Do not leave your microscope in a place with extreme high or low temperature.
  • Do not touch the microscope with a wet hand as it may damage the device or give you an electric shock.
  • Do not use or store the microscope in dusty, dirty areas as its moving parts may be damaged.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents to clean the microscope. Wipe it with a soft cloth slightly dampened in a mild soap-and-water solution.
  • In the event of an electo-static discharge, your Flexi-Scope may malfunction. In this case, you may need to disconnect from the computer to reset it.


  • Do not aim the light from your microscope toward your eye. Doing so may cause permanent eye damage.
  • Do not attempt to open or dismantle the microscope.