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Flexi-Scope Product Description

Flexi-Scope is an easy-to-use microscope. Hold the Flexi-Scope over an object, focus by turning the focus wheel, then take videos or still images (at up to x200 magnification) using the single control button. Examining items you have around you like sand, chalk, Velcro, strawberries or even lint can awaken the junior scientist in all who want to take a closer look! It’s especially ideal for use in the study and investigation of 3D objects that would not normally fit under a standard microscope.

How to Successfully Implement its Use

Flexi-Scope is perfect for research and demonstration. Students can integrate pictures and videos captured to create stunning presentations.

Learning outcomes to be expected:

  • Students will use the Flexi-Scope to analyze and describe materials.
  • Students will recognize the Flexi-Scope as a resource to use for inquiry.


Device Platforms

You can connect your Flexi-Scope to any device with a USB port. Use the exploview software to project the image from the Flexi-Scope onto your computer screen.


Are there any other tools to use with this product?

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