Terrapin Resources

Bee-Signer Jackets


About the Bee-Signer Jackets

Bee-Signer Jackets, which come in a 4-pack, give students an opportunity to express their creativity and explore concepts in new ways.

Students can use crayons, chalk, felt, markers, decals, sticky notes, beads, stickers, or natural objects (feathers, flower petals, etc), to create a new, personalized look for their ‘bot.

Place the Bee-Signer Jacket on top of Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot. It fits neatly over the robot, leaving the command buttons available for coding.

Ideas for Classroom Use

Holiday Themes

Students will enjoy decorating their ‘bots for the holidays.

Can they decorate their ‘bot to turn it into one of these?

  • a jack-o’-lantern or ghost for Halloween
  • a reindeer for Christmas (see above)
  • a rabbit for Easter

Team Challenges

If you have several Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots, divide your students into teams.

Each team can decorate their ‘bots with their team colors so they match each other.

Then, create a game or activity that pits the two groups against each other.
Each group will be able to keep track of its robots by the colors on their Bee-Signer Jackets.

For example, the challenge could be to navigate their robots on a prescribed route around the classroom. A ‘bot from each team could start the challenge at the same time, followed shortly by another pair of competing ‘bots.

Students can create their own team challenges and work out the rules.

Tell a Story

Have students decorate the ‘bots as characters in a story they are studying.

They can create other props or scenery that is relevant to the story out of cardboard or paper.

Then, they can use their ‘bots to tell the sequence of the story.

For example, create a hare and a tortoise out of your Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots to tell that famous tale by Aesop, “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Use the Pause button between commands to make the tortoise move more slowly. Have the hare take a long rest while the tortoise continues on to win the race.

Story-telling in this way helps show that the ‘bots can be used in reading and language arts as well as math, STEM, etc., while creating the characters as an art project.

Cleaning Tips

Use double-sided tape to attach objects, when possible, if you want to avoid making marks.
Use a damp cloth to wipe the Bee-Signer Jacket.
If marks still remain, use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a cloth to wipe them away.