Terrapin Resources

Pusher Jackets


About the Pusher Jackets

Pusher Jackets, which come as a multi-colored 6-pack, give students opportunities for experimentation and learning.

Simply place the Pusher Jacket on top of Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot. It fits neatly over the robot, leaving the command buttons available for coding.

Ideas for Classroom Use

Pushing an object in a straight line

Collect a variety of small classroom objects. Ask students to sit in a circle. Have them take turns programming Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to push an object to a person sitting across from them. Ask them to consider:

  • How well did they estimate the distance?
  • What types of objects are best to use?
  • Can the robot push very small items like paper clips?
  • Can the robot push heavy items? (Pick up or stop the robot by pressing the Go button if it is straining to push a heavy item.)
  • What happens of they push a small ball?

Pushing and turning an object

Collect a variety of small classroom objects. Have students code the robot to push the item, turn it, and continue pushing the object. Ask them to consider:

  • The object may not always turn when the robot does. Why not?
  • What objects are best for moving and turning when the robot pushes it?
  • Do smaller or larger items work best for this?
  • Do lighter or heaver items work best for this?

Playing a ball game

Have students place a small ball in front of the Pusher Jacket. Code the robot to move forward a few steps. What happens?

  • Does the ball roll ahead of the robot?
  • Can another student program their robot to go to the ball and roll it somewhere else?

Have students take turns fetching and moving the ball.