Terrapin Resources


Turning Blue-Bot and its Sound on or off

Turn the Blue-Bot upside down and look for the switches.

The See & Say version of Blue-Bot has three switches, for power, sound, and sensors.

The original version of Blue-Bot has two switches located in middle. The switch on the left is for power. The Switch on the right is for sound.

Slide each switch to the right for on, and to the left for off.

Charging Blue-Bot

The Blue-Bot comes with a USB cord. Plug your Blue-Bot into a USB charger or into your computer to charge.

Programming Blue-Bot

The Blue-Bot can be programmed in a screen-free environment using the on-board buttons. Blue-Bot can also be programmed via Bluetooth using a device with the Blue-Bot app or programmed using Logo on a computer with Bluetooth capabilities. Select the method you would like to use in the table of contents to learn more.