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Product Details

Battery Information
  • The Tuff-Bot Data Logger is supplied with a non-replaceable lithium ion battery. Do not attempt to replace the batteries.
  • The battery should be recharged by connecting the supplied mini-USB cable to an available USB port or USB charger, and the other end to the product.
  • The red LED above the display will illuminate during charging and go out when finished.
  • Do not leave the product on the charger for long periods (overnight, for example). It is good practice to only charge when the battery is depleted to preserve its useful life.
  • If the battery level is very low, you may have to restart the unit with the Power slide switch after fully charging to enable the screen.
Light Sensor Type: OPT3001
Range: Lux 0–83860.5
Temperature and Humidity Sensor Type: SHTC3
Temperature Sensor Maximum range of –40°C to +125°C; however, it is recommended to keep the product between –10°C and 50°C to prevent damage to the battery.
The tolerance of the temperature is +/- 0.2°C
Relative Humidity Range of 0 to 100%
Battery 500mAh 4.2V Lithium Ion
Charge input 5V, 500mA micro-USB
Run-time approximately 6 to 8 hours
Charge time approximately 3 to 4 hours
Other Features Rubberized grips ensure a snug fit into the Tuff-Bot carry tray.
RGB LED lights to show the status even when the screen is not visible.
The samples take too long to export. Use the resolution option to reduce the sample quantity.
The data logger shows a couple of degrees hotter than expected at the start of the lesson. It’s likely that the unit was taken off charge recently—charging generates some heat so it is good practice to take it off charge at least 30 minutes prior to use to allow the temperature to equalize.
The time has changed significantly. The battery was fully discharged at some point, which causes the time to be reset.
It displays ‘Block X not free’ when I try to start logging. Either select another memory block, or erase the data in the selected block.
When exporting data, sometimes lines are skipped or the columns become misaligned. This occurs when other background processes are happening that cause the computer to miss keystrokes sent by the data logger. Close any processor-intensive applications that may be running in the background. Also ensure any updates or virus scanning is complete before attempting again.