Terrapin Resources

Introductory Lessons

This section requires Terrapin Logo. The Web version is available at https://weblogo.terrapinlogo.com; it requires the Chrome browser for bluetooth connectivity.

Launch Terrapin Logo. Your access code is located on your receipt.

Have students turn on their InO-Bots. (On/Off buttons for power and sound are located on the underside of the InO-Bot.)

To connect, click on the Bluetooth symbol found on the Logo toolbar.

The dialog box will display InO-Bots that are available to connect with.

Students will select their InO-Bot, then select Pair.

When successfully connected the InO-Bot will play a sound.

Introductory Lesson Plans

Talk with InO-Bot: Once the InO-Bot is connected with Bluetooth, InO-Bot can answer lots of important questions. These questions will introduce students to the concept that robots can read data and report. Following are two questions students can ask InO-Bot. There are more that will be introduced in future lessons.

Note: Logo is NOT case sensitive.

Is InO-Bot connected to Bluetooth? Type INOBOT? in the listener window. The response will be True or False. True and False states are important programming concepts. This provides a nice introduction to terminology and a clear example of something being in a true or false state.

What is your battery level? This gives students anexample of data being reported back, and a preview of what ispossible. Type GPROP "INOBOT "BATTERY.