Terrapin Resources

Introductory Lessons

This section requires Terrapin Logo. The Web version is available at https://weblogo.terrapinlogo.com; it requires the Chrome browser for Bluetooth connectivity.

Launch Terrapin Logo. Your login code is located on your receipt.

Have students turn on their InO-Bots. (On/Off buttons for power and sound are located on the underside of the InO-Bot.)

To connect, click on the Bluetooth symbol found on the Logo toolbar.

The dialog box will display InO-Bots that are available to connect with.

Students will select their InO-Bot, then select Pair.

When successfully connected, InO-Bot plays a sound.

Introductory Lesson Plans

Talk with InO-Bot: Once InO-Bot is connected with Bluetooth, InO-Bot can report information that answers important questions. Exploring these questions and answers will introduce students to the concept that robots can read data and report. Following are two queries that students can ask InO-Bot. There are more that will be introduced in future lessons.

Note: Logo is NOT case sensitive.

Is InO-Bot connected to Bluetooth? Type INOBOT? in Logo’s Listener window. The response will be True or False. True and False states are important programming concepts. This provides a nice introduction to terminology and a clear example of something being in a true or false state.

What is your battery level? This gives students an example of data being reported back, and a preview of what is possible.


Note that if all the LEDs flash red, Ino-Bot needs to be recharged.