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Alphabet Mat (English)

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This mat contains images of all 26 letters in ABC order, showing both upper and lower case.

Navigating Bee-Bot across this mat boosts students’ understanding of letters and words. It is great for spelling lessons, learning upper and lower case letters, and all types of word games. Included with the mat is a set of Alphabet Cards.


Lesson Ideas

Although these ideas refer to Bee-Bot, they can all be done with Blue-Bot as well.

Remind students to press X to erase the commands the previous student entered.

Lesson Idea 1: Going to a Named Letter

  • Divide students into groups.
  • The teacher calls out a letter.
  • One of the students navigates Bee-Bot to that letter and says a word that begins with that letter.
  • Repeat, with all students having a turn.

Lesson Idea 2: Moving to a Random Letter

  • Each student in a group draws one of the Alphabet Cards at random.
  • The students take turns navigating Bee-Bot to the letter for their card.
  • This idea is similar to the first one, but does not require teacher interaction.

Lesson Idea 3: Spelling Your Initials

If students have used your ‘bots before, this is a good beginning-of-the-year activity to help students learn each other’s names.

  • One student in the group navigates Bee-Bot to their initials: the first letter of their first name, then a Pause, then the first letter or their last name.
  • Students take turns sending Bee-Bot to the letters for their names.

As a variation:

  • Have a student send Bee-Bot to the initials of another student’s name.
  • Then that student picks a different student and sends Bee-Bot to their initials.

Lesson Idea 4: Spelling Lesson

  • During spelling lessons, have students spell out the words for that week.
  • They can pause Bee-Bot between letters.
  • When each student finishes spelling a word, he or she says the word aloud, what it means and how to use it in a sentence.

Lesson Idea 5: Using the Online Alphabet Mat

If students are using computers in your classroom, have them use the online Alphabet Mat in the Bee-Bot Emulator in a browser. They can spell words using the virtual Bee-Bot.

Lesson Idea 6

Encourage students to invent a game involving words and letters.

Mat Details

This mat is incorporated into several of the Bee-Bot Lessons. These lessons give teachers lesson plans that are tied to national curriculum standards. They give students an opportunity to engage in over 180 learning activities using the floor Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot or the same activities in the online emulator.

The mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 30” by 36” (75 cm by 90 cm).

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