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Baseball Mat

View a larger version of the mat.

Take Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot or Pro-Bot to the ballpark with the Baseball Mat. Code the ‘bot to run the bases, play in the outfield, or visit the hot dog stand or ice cream truck. The Baseball Mat is a natural way to introduce 45° turns.

Using Bee-Bot
If you place Bee-Bot at Home plate and manually turn it toward first base, Bee-Bot is ready to round the bases.

Using Blue-Bot
Blue-Bot can turn 45° using the Tactile Code Reader and an Extension Tiles Pack, or the Blue-Bot app for Windows, Macs, or smartphones. Visit Terrapin’s Download page for links and instructions.

Using Pro-Bot
Pro-Bot has the built-in capability to turn 45° or any other angle. It can travel around the bases and even use Repeat when it hits a home run. It can roam the outfield and ice cream truck as well.

Lesson Ideas

Although these ideas refer to Bee-Bot, they can also be done with Blue-Bot or Pro-Bot.

Remind students to press X to erase the commands the previous student entered on their Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot. Have Pro-Bot users clear their commands as well.

Lesson Idea 1: Getting to All the Bases

  • Make cards that say Single, Double, Triple, and Home Run.
  • Divide students into groups.
  • Have students take turns pulling a card at random for hitting a single (going to first base), a double (getting to second base), a triple (rounding the top to get to third base), and hitting a home run (touching all four bases in order).
  • Each student should start at Home plate.

Lesson Idea 2: Playing Baseball with Multiple ‘Bots

  • Make cards that say Single, Double, Triple, and Home Run. Have multiple cards for each word, but because the hits don’t occur with the same frequency in a real game, adjust the number of cards. For example, have 12 Single cards, 9 Double cards, 5 Triple cards, and 2 Home Run cards.
  • Divide students into groups.
  • Have the first student (Student A) pull a card at random. They send their ‘bot the indicated base and then press the X Clear button.
  • When the next student (Student B) draws a card, they send their ‘bot to the specified base.
  • At the same time, Student A sends their ‘bot the same amount. If Student B draws a Single card, then both ‘bots move ahead one base. If Student B draws a Double card, the both ‘bots move ahead two bases.
  • Have a student in the group keep track of when a ‘bot gets back to Home plate and scores a run.
  • If you have Bee-Bot Jackets, you can decorate them with team colors!

Lesson Idea 3: Add New Cards

Students can add new cards to draw. Perhaps they want to include a stolen base. A Walk card, which would move the ‘bot to first base. A strike-out would send ‘bot to the team bench. Also, if a fly ball is caught, then the ‘bot goes to the team bench.

Lesson Idea 4: Tell a Story

Encourage students to create a story using the Baseball Mat. They can tell their teacher their story or write it down. They can also record the commands needed to tell the story with their ‘bots.

Mat Details

The mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 36” by 36” (90 cm by 90 cm). The baseball diamond is 18” (45 cm) square and requires three Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot steps to move from one base to another. Pro-Bot users can figure out the optimal distance to travel.

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