Terrapin Resources

Dry Erase Mat

Insert a pen in the middle of either Pro-Bot or InO-Bot and draw designs on this easy-to-erase mat.

The Dry Erase Mat, a 3’ by 4’ white dry erase surface, comes with 4 multi-color dry erase markers.
The cleaning cloth is machine-washable.

When not in use, the Dry Erase Mat rolls up and stores in its own portable tube.

Lesson Ideas

Remind students to clear commands that the previous student entered.

Wipe the mat clean before starting a new project.

Lesson Idea 1: How Far? Estimating Distances

  • Place a paper star somewhere on the mat.
  • Have students place Pro-Bot in a different spot on the mat.
  • Challenge students to give Pro-Bot commands to get to the star.
  • Once they have experience doing this, can they do it with just two commands?

Lesson Idea 2: Shapes

Challenge your students to draw a:

  • square
  • triangle
  • hexagon
  • octagon
  • other shapes they think of

Lesson Idea 3: Writing Procedures

  • Have students to write a procedure to draw one of the shapes in Lesson Idea 1.
  • Then challenge them to create a design that uses that shape in different ways.

Lesson Idea 4: Connect the Dots

  • Place several stars on the mat.
  • See if students can navigate Pro-Bot to go from star to star.
  • Challenge students to create a “Connect the Dots” picture so that when Pro-Bot draws a link from start to start, they create a picture.