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Shapes, Colors, and Size

View a larger version of the mat.

This mat contains four different shapes in each of four colors. Shapes also come in two sizes. In all, there are 16 shapes with different attributes.

  • Shapes: square, triangle, circle, rectangle
  • Colors: red, yellow, blue, green
  • Sizes: small, large
Lesson Ideas

Although these ideas refer to Bee-Bot, they can all be done with Blue-Bot as well.

Remind students to press X to erase the commands the previous student entered.

Lesson Idea 1: Going to a Named Shape

  • Have each student navigate Bee-Bot to a shape that the teacher names, such as “large, blue circle.”
  • The next student presses X and commands Bee-Bot to the next shape named.

Lesson Idea 2: Going to a Random Shape

  • Have students help make a card for each shape.
  • Then they can draw a random card that tells them where to send Bee-Bot.
  • This is similar to Lesson 1, but does not require teacher interaction.

Lesson Idea 3: Going to Shapes That Are Alike

  • Have each student navigate to all 4 of the same shape.
  • Have each student navigate to all 4 of the shapes of the same color.
  • Have each student navigate to a large and small version of the same shape.

Lesson Idea 4: Using the Online Shapes Mat

If students are using computers in your classroom, have them use the online Shapes Mat in the Bee-Bot Emulator in a browser. They can explore the mat using these Lesson ideas.

Lesson Idea 5: Comparing Attributes

Have students compare shapes and find ones that similar or different in one, two, or three ways.

For example:

  • Go from a large blue circle to a large blue triangle, or from a small yellow circle to a small yellow square. The only difference is the shape.

  • Go from a large yellow triangle to a small green triangle: the colors and sizes are different; the shape is the same.

  • Go from a small red square to a large blue circle. The sizes, colors, and shapes are all different.

Mat Details

This mat is incorporated into several of the Bee-Bot Lessons. These lessons give teachers lesson plans that are tied to national curriculum standards. They give students an opportunity to engage in over 180 learning activities using the floor Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot or the same activities in the online emulator.

The mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 24” by 24” (60 cm by 60 cm)

View the mat in Terrapin’s store.