Terrapin Resources

Pro-Bot Menu

So far, you have entered commands directly into Pro-Bot’s Main program by using the Pro-Bot keypad. Pro-Bot has many additional functions that are accessible through its Menu system. Like a restaurant menu, the Pro-Bot Menu offers choices for you to pick, depending on what you want.

Pro-Bot Menu System

Access the Menus

Access the Pro-Bot menu by pressing the key labeled Menu to the right of the pen mechanism. Use the up and down arrow keys to the right of Menu to choose the menu option you want. Pressing the up arrow moves the highlight cursor up one item in the current menu display. Pressing the down arrow moves the highlight cursor to the next item in the current menu display. Once the desired item is highlighted, press Menu to select it.

Menu Levels

As you move through the menu system, the Pro-Bot display shows the options for that level in the menu. In each case, the first line displayed is the title of the current menu section. The second line displayed is Back. Selecting Back and pressing Menu, moves up one level in the menu system, back to the screen from which the current option was selected.

Toplevel Menu

When the Main program displays and Menu is pressed, the following options are available.

Menu – indicates the Toplevel Menu

Back – up one menu level; from the Toplevel Menu returns to the Main program
New Proc – enters the new procedure menu
Edt Proc – enters the edit procedure menu
Config – enters the configuration menu
Sensors – enters the sensors menu
Clear – enters the clear menu

Special Commands Menu

Access Special Commands Menu

Commands to control Pro-Bot’s lights and sounds are available through the Special Commands Menu. To access the Special Commands Menu, press and hold Menu for two seconds. The Special Commands Menu appears.

Insert Special Commands

Special commands can be included in either the Main program or a subprocedure. To insert a special command in your program or subprocedure, access the Special Commands Menu from the line where you would like the command. To do so, press the Menu for two seconds, then use the arrow keys next to Menu to scroll through the special command list. Position the highlight on the command you want to insert. Press Menu and the command is inserted in the Main program or the subprocedure. The screen then displays the program with the command inserted.

Special Commands Available

The commands available in the special commands menu are

Light On – turns the headlights on
Light Off – turns the headlights off
Sound 1 – plays the “switch on” sound
Sound 2 – plays the “button click” sound
Sound 3 – plays the “car horn” sound
Sound 4 – plays the “data transfer” sound
Sound 5 – plays the “transfer complete” sound
Sound 6 – plays the “error” sound
Sound 7 – plays the “go to standby” sound
Pen Up – has no effect
Pen Down – has no effect