Terrapin Resources


Pro-Bot Beeps

When the Pro-Bot power switch is turned on, but Pro-Bot has not moved and no keys have been pressed for 3 minutes, Pro-Bot makes a distinctive sound and the Pro-Bot screen goes blank. This is a reminder that Pro-Bot is turned on and helps preserve battery life. If you no longer want to use Pro-Bot at the time, then turn off the power switch. If you want to continue using Pro-Bot, simply press any key and Pro-Bot comes back to life and is ready to go.

Changing the Rechargeable Battery

Pro-Bot’s three AA batteries power its motors, lights, and sound. Sluggish Pro-Bot movement indicates the batteries may be weak. To replace the batteries, turn Pro-Bot over and locate the rectangular battery compartment toward the front of Pro-Bot’s underside.

Changing the CR2032 Battery

Pro-Bot’s memory is powered by a CR2032 watch battery. This battery keeps Pro-Bot’s memory active even when the power switch is turned off to maintain the contents of the Main program and all subprocedures between Pro-Bot sessions. The CR2032 battery should last a year or longer. When the battery requires replacement, a message appears on the Pro-Bot screen when Pro-Bot is turned on.

To replace the CR2032 battery, turn Pro-Bot over and locate the battery compartment at the back of Pro-Bot’s underside. The battery compartment has a small square door held in place by a metal screw. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw and remove the door. Gently dislodge the battery with your finger or the flat edge of a small screwdriver. Insert the new battery by slipping it under the lip of the battery holder and pressing it into place. Replace the battery compartment door and screw it shut.

Pro-Bot is Non-Responsive

When turned on, nothing displays on the screen of a non-responsive Pro-Bot and Pro-Bot does not respond to button presses. This indicates that Pro-Bot needs to be reset. Turn Pro-Bot over and find the small hole labeled Reset at the bottom left of the underside of Pro-Bot near the switches. Bend a paper clip so that one end sticks out or obtain a toothpick which fits in the hole. Be sure batteries with power are installed with the correct polarity. Turn Pro-Bot on. Gently push the end of the paperclip or the toothpick in the Reset hole. Pro-Bot beeps and springs back to life.