Terrapin Resources

Getting Started

Turn on the Blue-Bot or Tuff-Bot using its Power Switch.

  • Turn the Blue-Bot upside down to find the power switch
  • The Tuff-Bot’s Power Button is on its top.

Turn on the TacTile Reader.

Press the Bluetooth connector button on the TacTile Reader for 1 second.
Blue-Bot’s front lights will turn blue.
The ring of lights around Tuff-Bot will glow blue when the Bluetooth connection is made.
The blinking blue light on the TacTile Reader will turn solid.

You are now connected and ready to go.

Although your TacTile Reader may come pre-charged, it is recommended to charge it fully before using. When needed, you can recharge it using the supplied USB cable. When charging, the status LED on the reader will glow red. When it is fully charged, the status LED will glow green. When the battery needs charging, the status LED with flash red. Battery life will be extended if the battery is charged when the power is low rather than allowing the battery to fully discharge.

The next section, Coding with the Tiles, shows you how to use the tiles.