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Product Details

Daisy Chaining

Up to three TacTile Readers can be daisy chained together to allow up to 30 commands to be used. Connect the TacTile Readers together using the supplied USB cables. Connect the right-hand side connector to the left-hand side USB connector of the next TacTile Reader. Only the right-hand side Pair and Send buttons will function.

LED Status
  • Green - Power is on
  • Flashing Blue - Pairing
  • Blue - Paired
  • Flashing Red - Battery Low

When the TacTile Reader is switched off:

  • Red - Charging
  • Green - Fully Charged
Battery 3.7V 2600 mAH Lithium Polymer (not replaceable)
Battery Life 8 hours is typical
Charge Time 10 hours is typical
Range 10 meters is typical
TacTile Reader cannot pair with Blue-Bot or Tuff-Bot Ensure that the Blue-Bot or Tuff-Bot is switched on and is fully charged. Move the TacTile Reader closer to the robot.
Tiles are not detected. Battery is low. Please charge.
Blue-Bot or Tuff-Bot does not respond when the Send button is pressed or the robot will not pair. The robot is out of range. Move closer to the robot and try again.