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Bee-Bot Emulator in Nigeria

Terrapin’s Bee-Bot Emulator is a popular tool that lets students learn online with a simulated Bee-Bot. The Emulator is widely used with distance and home learning. But what if internet access is limited?

Enemali Oguche, STEM Co-Ordinator at the Intercontinental School in Kano, Nigeria, had just that issue. Enemali discovered the online Bee-Bot Emulator and recognized it would be a valuable a tool to introduce coding to students. However, internet access is cost prohibitive for schools to provide for each student, so he requested an offline version. Terrapin developed a standalone Emulator that could be downloaded and run on computers not connected to the internet.

Enemali told us that the students, most of whom are aged between 5 and 10 years old, were completely new to coding and robotics. He told us that through the Emulator they learned basic programing concepts such as logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. He added that the students “were excited using the Emulator and they wished that the Bee-Bot class would last for the whole day”.

Other teachers at the school also appreciated the potential to incorporate the Emulator into mathematics, science, and other lessons.

If your school has some special circumstances Terrapin can customize the Bee-Bot Emulator based on your teaching objectives to use online or off, contact us for more information.

Contact Information

Name Enemali Oguche
Position STEM Co-Ordinator
School Intercontinental School
Location Kano State, Nigeria
Email malitician@gmail.com
Tags Bee-Bot, Emulator, Nigeria
Age 5 to 10 yrs old