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Bee-Bots in Japan

Bee-Bots, Blue-Bots, Pro-Bots, and supporting materials are now available directly in Japan from Terrapin representative Yoshihiro Nakamoto and are being introduced through a series of events and presentations.

At a school in Toda-City, Bee-Bots were received with much enthusiasm and excitement by students and teachers alike. Second graders got right down to work learning about coding by using the Bee-Bots. First they planned out routes for Bee-Bot, tried them out by entering Bee-Bot commands, and then recorded their programs. Eventually students progressed to where they wrote their programs first and then tested them, making corrections to achieve their goals.

Through practice students developed a greater understanding of the relationship between the code they wrote, the commands input into Bee-Bot, and the actions the robot took. In the video below, students eagerly watch to see if Bee-Bot will complete their desired route, after a previous attempt when Bee-Bot didn’t quite make it to the end of the path, but fell short on the very last command. When Bee-Bot did exactly as they had wanted they were more than delighted and learned an important lesson about formulating a plan, trying it out, and making adjustments to get it exactly right.

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The school teachers and administrators found the experience of working with Bee-Bots to be so valuable that they invited the local television station to record the students at work.

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Name Yoshihiro Nakamoto
Position Terrapin Japan
School Toda-City
Location Japan
Email yoshi@terrapinlogo.com
Url http://www.terrapin-japan.com/
Tags Bee-Bot, Asia, Video
Age Second Grade