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Kids Programming School

The Kids Programming School is a gathering of 100 second graders and their parents at Tokyo University in Tokyo, Japan. Sponsored by Terrapin-Japan, CEE-Japan, Google-Japan, and KDDI, the event teaches coding skills and encourages creativity among the students while administrators and educators provide updates on educational trends and goals for their parents. The goal of the program is to develop important skills in young students that they can draw on throughout their education and lives.

The all-day event culminates in an exciting contest where students can show the skills they have learned by programming Bee-Bot to traverse a stylized community mat. The challenge is to develop a program that takes Bee-Bot from home to school along the shortest route, avoiding any obstacles along the way. The student team which develops its program and gets Bee-Bot to school in the shortest period of time wins for the day.

Contact Information

Name Yoshi Nakamoto
Position Terrapin Japan
School Tokyo University
Location Tokyo, Japan
Email yoshi@terrapinlogo.com
Tags Bee-Bot, Asia
Age Grade 2