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Liberty-Benton Elementary School

Bee-Bots are used in weekly computer classes from second through fifth grades at Liberty-Benton Elementary School near Findlay, OH. Computer instructor Nancy Cramer uses Bee-Bot to teach problem-solving and logical reasoning and has found the little robots to be applicable in a wide variety of activities. ā€œStudents love using Bee-Bots and anxiously look forward to the next opportunity,ā€ she says.

Two Bee-Bots navigate the food maze Bee-Bots turned out to be stars of the annual Salvation Army Food Drive held at the school. Students constructed Bee-Bot mazes out of the items they brought in to donate to the food drive as pictured in the photos. Students earned the opportunity to navigate Bee-Bot through the maze by bringing in food items to donate to the drive. This motivated students to participate and, with the help of Bee-Bot, Liberty-Benton Elementary had the most successful food drive since they began the effort.

Contact Information

Name Nancy Cramer
Position Computer Instructor
School Liberty-Benton Elementary School
Location Findlay, OH
Address 9050 State Route 12, Findlay, OH 45840
Email ncramer@lb.noacsc.org
Website https://www.liberty-benton.org/es-home.aspx
Tags Bee-Bot, Ohio, Seasons
Age Grades 2-5