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Tips for Managing Your Pro-Bot Collection

Heather Fox, a technology specialist for Grades 4–6 in Wrentham, MA, has a long history of using Pro-Bots in her classroom. She wrote to us about she keeps track of the use and maintenance of her many Pro-Bots.

I have had my Pro-Bots since December 2016. I wrote a grant and asked for twelve of them. The parent group that raises funds for teachers and students awarded me with twenty-four. I was so excited! The same parent group just awarded me with six more to replace some of the older Pro-Bots that had issues with their buttons.

I have kept the Pro-Bots safe in their ‘garage’ (the box they came in) for seven years. I tape one end of the box shut, so the students can only open it on one side.

I created a Vehicle Inspection sheet that my students fill out every time they use them. They record their name, grade and teacher, date, and time. I tape the inspection sheet to the box to keep a record of who uses it and when the batteries are changed.

My students love flipping through the sheets to see who used that Pro-Bot before them. I find this system to be very useful in managing the many Pro-Bots in my classroom. It also helps make my students accountable for taking care of the Pro-Bot.

Click to view and download the Vehicle Inspection form.

Contact Information

Name Heather Fox
Position Technology Specialist
School Roderick Elementary School
Location Wrentham, MA
Email foxh@wrenthamschools.org
Tags Pro-Bot, Tips, Massachusetts, Elementary
Age Grades 4–6