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Northern Essex Community College

Terrapin Logo is used in the Introduction to Computer Science course at Northern Essex Community College. Logo was chosen as the programming language in the introductory course because it is both easy for students new to computer programming to start with and contains a broad range of features, including loops, conditionals, procedures, recursion, and most aspects of computer science. Students are well prepared to advance from the introductory course to the next course, which utilizes JAVA.

Course Professor George Medelinskas has used Logo in the course for years. He says that some have the mistaken impression that Logo is a kid’s language because it is easy for young students to use, but that its extensive capabilities illustrate all aspects of computer science. He states that “from my point of view, it is the perfect language to start our students with. I love the whole approach to learning and making mistakes that Logo provides us.”

Contact Information

Name George Medelinskas
Position Professor
School NECC
Location Haverhill, MA
Address 100 Elliott Street, Haverhill, MA 01830
Email gmedelinskas@necc.mass.edu
Website https://www.necc.mass.edu/
Tags Logo, Coding, Massachusetts, Computer Science
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