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Hunting for the Balloon

Our first activity with Bee-Bots is to teach students to estimate the distance between an object and Bee-Bot and then program Bee-Bot to go near the object without hitting it. We used a bright yellow balloon which matched the Bee-Bot as the object. My students like this activity very much and, of course, at the end they try to pop the balloon…

During the activity, students suggested measuring the distance between two Bee-Bot footsteps to be sure to not hit the balloon. This led us to create a big map with squares that lets the students experiment with distances and angles. We have created a game called “The maze of diamonds” where the students move the Bee-Bot around the walls to pick up some colored stones.

After a while some students begin to write Bee-Bot commands on a sheet of paper to remember long paths. This lets us begin to define a vocabulary to write commands (forward x, back x, right and left). The vocabulary help us to work on programs with Logo and leads the children to draw lines on the screen. My students have began to learn that an error can be positive. When Bee-Bot doesn’t do what they want, they try and analyze their procedures for moving Bee-Bot to find at which point it didn’t do what they intended. Being able to repeat Bee-Bot’s program infinitely by pressing the GO button is a big help in this debugging process.).

Contact Information

Name Eric Sciolli
Position Special Needs Teacher
School Scuola Speciale
Location Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland
Address Via Vacallo 7, 6834 Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland
Email eric.sciolli@sunrise.ch
Tags Bee-Bot, Europe
Age Special Needs