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Why Bee-Bot?

Make young children think and understand how to communicate with a computer!

I am working for a childcare center. When I first heard about children’s computer coding education, I thought that children need to play more, not study computer coding education. However, I met Bee Bot, I found out that Bee-Bot activities can give children opportunities to solve problems, it leads children think and understand how to communicate with a computer, as well as cooperate with co-workers.

Through playing Bee-Bot activities with children I also realized that teacher’s role is important, especially how to motivate children for Bee-Bot activities and provide appropriate activities for children’s level. This is because teacher’s role in Bee-Bot activities can help children think and solve problems on their own.

How to motivate?

So young children can think by themselves.

Storytelling is excellent motivation for young children playing in Bee-bot activities. After reading a story, young children are involved in the story. So children have a mission relating to the story, they are willing to think and try to solve the mission by themselves.

Mission of Story ‘ Pinocchio’

-It is time to go to school! Where should Bee-bot go?

How to provide appropriate activities for children’s level?

So children can solve problems by themselves.

Appropriate Bee-bot activities for children’s level give children interest and willing in play with Bee-bot, it encourages children to solve a problem on their own.

Appropriate activities for children’s level are not only important, but also teachers’ guidance and questions are important. To help children think, teachers should guide activities, not teach. If children have a problem in play with Bee-bot activities, teachers should give children a question which children can think about the problem. Teachers’ guidance and questions help children think and solve a problem on their own.

Bee-Bot activities are good for young children to understand how to communicate a computer, too.

Contact Information

Name Jae Kyung Lee
School Childcare center
Location Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
Email whgdkgu@hanmail.net
Website https://www.facebook.com/Jikycoding
Tags Bee-Bot, Asia
Age 3 years