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Bee-Bots and QR Codes

Bee-Bots are being used at Willard School to connect different styles of learning. Most of the time when a teacher uses Bee-Bot in class, he or she is tying content that is already being taught, like math facts, sight words, spelling, and vocabulary with programming. Students can program Bee-Bot to travel on a mat to spell a word, answer a problem, or identify a word, for example.

Ms. Morrison’s class added another facet by using QR codes. Students use an iPad to scan a QR code and either listen to a word being read or watch a short video clip. They then program Bee-Bot to go to a rhyming word or an image that matches what they see in the video.

This use of Bee-Bots directly ties the programming in with the curriculum and engages the students by allowing for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning.

The Bee-Bots at Willard School were generously funded through a grant from the Perloff Family Foundation, which is engaged in funding educational innovation in Maine.

Click on the image below to see a slide show of Willard School students using Bee-Bot.

Contact Information

Name Julie Williams and Heather Morrison
Position 1st Grade Teachers
School Willard School
Location Sanford, ME
Address 668 Main Street, Sanford, ME 04073
Email jwilliams@sanford.org
Website https://www.sanford.org/o/pride-school/article/305462
Tags Bee-Bot, Maine
Age 1st Grade