Terrapin Resources
Volume 11, Number 1
Back To School 2015

Welcome to the Back To School 2015 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.

Choose the 'Bot for Your Bundle
Bundle Blue-Bot and Save
Bundle Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot and save!
Terrapin's popular and economical bundles, including the Hive, Learning Station, and Class Bundle, can now be configured with either Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots

The Docking Station, classroom mats, and other peripherals are interchangeable between the two robots so choose the right 'bot for your classroom and enjoy savings by the bundle!

See Terrapin's money-saving bundles...     

Find Us on Facebook!
Find us on Facebook
Find Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot on Facebook
Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot can now be found on Facebook! Visit the Bee-Bot Facebook section for classroom ready ideas to integrate the robots into your curriculum. 

Share successes, challenges, and photos with colleagues from around the country and learn from their experiences too.  Check back regularly to see the latest postings.

Try Bee-Bot in your Browser 
Bee-Bot Emulator
Try out a Bee-Bot Mat

Use the new Bee-Bot Emulator to try out any of the engaging mats Terrapin offers and test your Bee-Bot programming skills online. All you need is a browser on any device to choose a mat and move Bee-Bot around it, just like in the classroom.  Even the sounds are included!
In This Issue
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Bee-Bot Backpack
  Backpacks are back!  Backpacks are again available and backorders have been shipped.  Keep and transport Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots safe and snug in a sturdy Backpack designed especially for them.
Blue-Bot Product Sheet
Download the Blue-Bot Product Guide to learn everything you need to know about Bee-Bot's Bluetooth-enabled partner.  Find this and other product information in Terrapin's
Downloads Center.
Terrapin Logo 4.0
Users of previous versions should contact Terrapin to upgrade to Terrapin Logo 4, the latest version of the venerable programming language.  Terrapin Logo 4 connects directly to Blue-Bot and Pro-Bot along with many other new features!

phone: (800) 774 LOGO