Terrapin Resources
Volume 11, Number 3
Holiday 2015

Welcome to the Holiday 2015 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.

Just in Time for Gift Giving
Free shipping Holidays
FREE SHIPPING on individual 'bots
To facilitate gift giving, Terrapin is offering FREE SHIPPING to U.S. destinations on an individual Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot, Blue-Bot or the Robot Duo or Trio combinations through December 31.

Give the gift of learning to the young people on your list this holiday season. 
Be sure to order by December 18
to assure delivery by Christmas.

Robots Roam Appalachia
L.B.J School in Breathitt County, KY
Kindergarten students use Bee-Bots in their STEM class in Jackson, KY.
Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative shows Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot throughout eastern Kentucky as part of their mission to support innovation in education.  Katrina Slone, KVEC STEM educator, recently showed the robots at the Promising Practice Summit in Pikeville. She reports that teachers were excited about using them in their classrooms and she will be taking them to visit schools in the region.

LBJ Elementary School in Jackson is an eastern Kentucky school that has incorporated Bee-Bots into their STEM curriculum.  Kindergarten teacher Stephanie Thomas states that programming Bee-Bots helps develop her students' skills in counting, reading, planning, and mapping a course of action. Stephanie says that "once you teach using STEM, you won't want to teach any other way."  We can't argue with that! 
Robots for Hour of Code and Hours of Fun!
Robots from Terrapin add extra fun to Hour of Code activities.
Join teachers and students in schools around the world by creating an Hour of Code activity during Computer Science Education Week, December 7-13. Terrapin's range of robots can be used to create a programming activity for any age student. 
The youngest learners "code" Bee-Bot by sending it on a route they devise.  Blue-Bot combines on-screen and off-screen controls and takes programming to the next level. Pro-Bot offers multi-level coding and interrupts with its sub-procedures and sensors for more advanced students.

Robots are very motivational for students who are eager to learn the coding required.  When hour of code is over, robots continue to provide endless amounts of learning and fun.  

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All you need is Terrapin Logo, Pro-Bot, and an A to A USB cable.  Get them all at a discount with the Pro-Bot/Logo Bundle.

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