Terrapin Resources
Volume 11, Number 5
Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.

Bee-Bot Goes to School
School Mat
School Mat Corner
From classrooms to bathrooms, the library to the gym, and the playground to the lunch room, sending Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot around the School Mat gives students the opportunity to explore their environment and discuss different school activities and locations.  The School Mat is the newest addition to Terrapin's selection of Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Mats and, like the others, it is made of durable, easy to clean vinyl, and rolls for convenient storage.

Learning Basic Math with Bee-Bot
In her classroom at Westmount School in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, (yes we certainly do ship to Canada) teacher Kathy Cassidy got creative with Bee-Bots by using them to help students grasp the concept of one or two more or less than a particular number.
Addition and Subtraction with Bee-Bot
Learning Addition & Subtraction with Bee-Bot
With a grid taped on the floor first graders predict where Bee-Bot  lands if the number is two more, or one less, for example. They write their name on a sticky note and place it where they predict Bee-Bot will be at the end of the program. Once everyone has made their prediction, they program Bee-Bot to move the specified number of spaces and watch to see who made the correct predictions.

Kathy said that "on the first couple of attempts, some of the students had difficulty, but soon all the students were able to accurately predict what one or two more or less would be. We had great success using the Bee-Bot for this practical and fun visual representation!"
Try it...You'll like it!
Logo is free to try Terrapin Logo 4 is available in a free-to-try downloadable version direct from the Terrapin web site.  Download the Mac or Windows version and try it out on your computer.  Move the turtle around the screen and then explore Logo's many other features.  With the exception of saving and printing, free-to-try Terrapin Logo includes all commands and capabilities.  Terrapin maintains extensive online resources for learning Logo programming as well as the Logo Library of printed manuals.

Terrapin offers economical Logo licenses for both single households and schools with multiple computers.  Licensing Logo registers the program and allows you to print and save your work while adding Pro-Bot and Blue-Bot communication.  Step-by-step guides for downloading, licensing, and installing Terrapin Logo are available in the Downloads section of the Terrapin web site.

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