Terrapin Resources
Volume 12, Number 4
Winter 2017  
Happy New Year and welcome to the Winter 2017 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.  
Terrapin Logo/Web Licensing Available
Terrapin WebLogo license key
A Terrapin Logo/Web
license key allows multiple student collaboration.
Terrapin Logo/Web is now available for multi-user licensing. With a Terrapin Logo/Web license key, schools and other institutions may offer students web access to Terrapin Logo via any device from any connected location.

A license key allows creation of student accounts up to the license limit. Students may be organized into workgroups or "classrooms" and may be allowed to collaborate on ideas and programs.  License keys may be purchased for 20, 50, and 500 simultaneous logins to fit a wide variety of educational situations.

A Terrapin Logo/Web license provides a new and exciting way to teach and learn coding.

Bee-Bots Welcomed in Japan
Japanese second-graders use Bee-Bot
Japanese second-graders learn to code with Bee-Bot

One of the great things about Bee-Bots and other Terrapin robots is their ability to bridge cultures and languages to inspire learning.  Bee-Bots were recently demonstrated in an elementary school in Toda-City, Japan where they were received with much enthusiasm and excitement by students and teachers alike.

Second graders learned basic coding by planning a route, executing it, and then recording it. Eventually, through practice, they were able to write the code first, input the commands, and watch with delight as Bee-Bot followed the path they planned.

Explore the Old West!
Old West Mat
Old West Mat is
20% OFF through 2/28
The Old West Mat is the latest Terrapin learning mat. The Old West Mat offers many opportunities to create stories and use Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to help tell them.

* Visit the gold mine
* Stay at the hotel
* Cross the river
* Ride the railroad track
* Head to the corral
* Avoid the rattlesnake
* Even go to jail!
The Old West Mat is designed to reinforce mapping skills with map coordinates that may be used to locate each feature and as an alternative way to develop Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot paths. It also
provides opportunities for history and social studies lessons.
Through the end of February, the Old West Mat is available with an introductory discount of 20%.  Try the Old West Mat and all other Terrapin mats in your browser with the Bee-Bot Mat Emulator or download directly to the Blue-Bot app.

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Mac Sierra Stop Sign
Changes in Mac OS Sierra prevent Terrapin Logo 4 from running.   Fortunately Terrapin Logo/Web works great.
Contact Terrapin to take advantage of our upgrade program for OS Sierra users.
Brian Pichman

Brian Pichman of  Evolve Project uses Terrapin robots in presentations on using technology in libraries to bridge the digital divide. His next workshop is March 27 in Arlington, VA at the Computers in Libraries Conference.
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