Terrapin Resources
Volume 13, Number 2
Fall 2017 
Welcome to the Fall 2017 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.  
Dry Erase Mat Promotes Creative Learning
Dry Erase Mat with Markers
Use the Dry Erase Mat over and over
The new Dry Erase Mat provides the perfect surface to draw with Pro-Bot or InO-Bot or create routes for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to follow. The reusable mat encourages interactive experimentation. If it isn't right the first time, just erase and try again, a process that builds the foundation of algorithmic thinking.

The Dry Erase Mat 3' x 4' generous drawing surface is smooth, easy to write on and erases cleanly. It comes with four multi-color dry erase markers that fit Pro-Bot and InO-Bot, and a washable cleaning cloth. When not in use the mat rolls up for portability and storage.
  • Insert a marker in Pro-Bot or InO-Bot and experiment with angles and shapes, developing coding and debugging skills.
  • Design paths for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to follow or map out obstacles to avoid.
  • Use the Bee-Bot Step Ruler to develop counting and measuring skills as students plot their courses.
Coding Now to Prepare for the Future
Using Bee-Bot at the conference
"We believe coding is the next 'English class' and measures should be taken to blend this within our existing curriculum." So says STEM Facilitator Lynn Bradley organizer of  the 21st Century Tech Playground at the Back to School Conference in North Carolina attended by 1,500 K-12 educators where she showed Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot as tools to achieve that goal.

Looking to the future of her students Lynn says, "I know that if I begin teaching these skills at a primary level, my students will have an edge when it comes to choosing a career and being the best candidate because they are so knowledgeable!"

Lynn is passionate about combining technology with teaching and says that Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, "help make coding contagious and spread the buzz to as many as possible."

Pro-Bot Now Rechargeable  
Now with a rechargeable battery

Pro-Bot now sports a rechargeable battery!
The internal lithium ion battery may be recharged from any USB power source using the included USB cable, providing years of use without worrying about replacing batteries. All Pro-Bots shipped since August 1 are rechargeable.

The new Terrapin Six-Bot USB Charger is a great way to keep Pro-Bot and all Terrapin 'bots charged up. With its on/off switch and charging indicator lights, it is easy to be sure your devices are always ready to go.

Pro-Bot's drawing capability motivates students to learn about angles and geometry. Pair Pro-Bot with the new Dry Erase Mat and watch students go through the iterative process of perfecting their programs until they achieve exactly what they intend. 
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