Terrapin Resources
Volume 13, Number 4
Winter 2018   
Welcome to the Winter 2018 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.  
Explore Across Devices with Terrapin Logo
Terrapin Logo is available across devices.
Program at school, at home, or on the go with the new Terrapin LogoTerrapin Logo is available as a Mac or Windows app and accessible online with Chromebooks or any HTML5 browser.  A single login code accesses all versions.  Combined with built-in cloud storage, Terrapin Logo lets you program and explore ideas from anywhere at any time!

Download the Logo app or access Logo online to try before you buy.  A single economical license fee gives you full access to all features.  Schools can license multiple students and organize them into collaborative groups to work and learn together.

The new Terrapin Logo incorporates Terrapin's long, rich Logo heritage and includes all familiar Logo features while adding many new ones.  Connect Logo to Blue-Bot, Pro-Bot, or InO-Bot.  Publish programs on the web.  Command hundreds of turtles.  It is easy start while the opportunities to explore and learn are limitless.

Making Art with Code
Artworks created with Terrapin Logo
Danish artist and sculptor Jørgen Minor has long been fascinated with using Logo to create art. As he puts it, his work "demonstrates what happens when an artist meets a computer program."

"Despite Logo's close relation to mathematics and logic it is a really good action painter! It is surprising how close to 'art' Logo can produce with a few very, very simple programs."

"Working with Logo can be very creative in the sense that most professional creativity includes a lot of selection and throwing away. With Logo programs, it is possible to watch many variation of an idea without using hundreds of pencils or buckets of paint."

InO-Bot: the Logo Turtle Come to Life 
InO-Bot with Dry Erase Mat
InO-Bot on the Dry Erase Mat is like the Logo turtle on the screen.
The new InO-Bot robot is the Logo turtle come to life!  Bring coding off the screen and out into the real world by creating programs and watching the screen turtle and InO-Bot execute them at the same time.  

Terrapin Logo is included with InO-Bot and has been optimized to control it.  Insert a pen and use familiar turtle commands to draw shapes and designs with InO-Bot

InO-Bot pairs well with Terrapin's Dry Erase Mat which includes pens and cleaning cloth.  Drawing simultaneously with InO-Bot and the screen turtle provides strong motivation and a powerful learning experience.

InO-Bot also offers many Inputs and Outputs,  providing additional challenges and motivation for young coders, including 
  • 10 LED lights, independently programmable
  • Pen holder with lift/lower capability
  • Sounds and notes
  • Light, sound and proximity sensors
  • Line follower
  • Range finder
Like Terrapin Logo itself, InO-Bot makes it easy for budding roboticists to get started, but continues to provide challenges to even the most experienced students.

In This Issue
Six Outlet USB Charger Terrapin's new
charges up to 6 robots or other USB devices simultaneously on one electrical outlet.
All 'Bots come with a
cable that fits the
Six-Bot Charger.
Terrapin will exhibit at these upcoming conferences. Visit our booth to try the robots, including InO-Bot, learn about Terrapin Logo, browse our accessories, and more! 

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Palm Springs, CA
March 14-17
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