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Volume 14, Number 1   
Back to School 2018   
Welcome to the Back to School 2018 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter, which marks Terrapin's 35th anniversary.  
Get a Robot Turtle with Terrapin Logo!
Get a Free InO-Bot with LOGO License Purchase To celebrate 35 years of publishing Logo and selling turtle robots, Terrapin is offering a free robot turtle to Terrapin Logo school licensees!  

Generations of students learned to code with Logo,the first programming language for children, by commanding a "turtle" to move around the screen. Terrapin keeps the tradition alive with a new Terrapin Logo version that takes full advantage of modern technology.

InO-Bot robot is the Logo turtle come to life, extending commands from the screen into the real world. Just like the screen turtle, InO-Bot goes forward and back, left and right, and can draw as it goes. Together InO-Bot and Logo make the perfect team. The interface is easy but excitement is amplified.

For a limited time, Terrapin is offering a FREE InO-Bot robot to schools that purchase a Classroom, Multi-Classroom, or Campus license for Terrapin Logo.

Pro-Bot Programming for Older Students
Millikin students program with Pro-Bot
RJ Podeschi, Professor at Millikin University in Decatur, IL uses Pro-Bot with university and high school students in a partnership between Millikin and Decatur Public Schools.

Students work in teams through a series of exercises designed to teach coding, problem solving, debugging, and critical thinking  while at the same time honing skills that will benefit them in future business careers.

Prof. Podeschi thinks the combination of high school and university students works well.  "The high school students are highly motivated and they certainly have an interest in technology and programming in the future. Being able to have Millikin students work with them creates a great mentorship opportunity."

The Information Systems program at Millikin provides the opportunity for students to obtain skills to be a key player in building information systems that improve business operations and decision-making.

Save with Six!
Six pack bundles
Six of One, Half a Dozen of the other...

Outfitting a classroom with Terrapin technology doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Terrapin offers five economical six-pack bundles, each containing six STEM products along with supporting materials, offered at a volume discount.  With one or more six-pack bundles, you can quickly engage an entire class while staying within a budget.

Configure a Hive with 6 Bee-Bots or 6 Blue-Bots along with a Backpack and Docking Station for recharging.
The Easi-Scope Six-Pack contains 6 digital microscopes and a 12-pack of collection containers.
The Pro-Bot Six Pack includes 6 Pro-Bots, 6 Pen Packs, and a Six-Bot USB Charger.
The InO-Bot Six Pack includes a Terrapin Logo classroom license and a Six-Bot USB Charger.

Add other items to one of these bundles and enjoy a Build your Own Bundle discount.  A 5% discount is automatically applied to non-bundled items in an order over $500 and a 10% discount on orders over $1000.  While discounted bundles are not further discounted, they do count toward the overall total so you can add other items to a bundle and the discount will make them like they are part of the bundle itself.

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Dry erase set of markers and cloth Four markers that fit 
InO-Bot and Pro-Bot
along with a cleaning cloth are included in the 
Use with Terrapin's Dry Erase Mat or any whiteboard.
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