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Volume 15, Number 1      
Back to School 2019  
Welcome to the Back to School 2019 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.  
Stroll Along a Country Road
Country Road Mat for Bee-Bot
Travel along the Country Road
Take Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot on a stroll through the countryside using Terrapin's new Country Road Mat and visit many interesting places and creatures.
  • Creek & duck pond
  • Farm stand with dog
  • Apple orchard
  • Bee hives and beekeeper
  • Cornfield with scarecrow
  • Farm house and barnyard
  • Fish and fisherman
  • Farm animals and crops
  • Barn with chickens
  • and more
The Country Road Mat promotes language, storytelling, mapping and planning skills as well as being a great starting point for conversations about nature, the environment and origins of food. Try it out with the Bee-Bot Emulator.

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Coding Curiosity: Pro-Bot as Mars Rover
Pro-Bot becomes the Mars Rover
Pro-Bot inspires Curiosity about Mars

We know that Pro-Bot is out of this world, and now others are discovering it too!  Linda Frantz, STEM Educator and Robotics Coach in Putnam City, OK school district recently shared her Coding with Curiosity lesson with other educators at the Space Education Exploration Conference.
Frantz and her students in grades 3-5 turn Pro-Bot into the Curiosity Mars Rover by mounting a camera on Pro-Bot and then programming "Rover" to traverse the Mars surface.

Linda created a Martian landscape with sponge paint and a drop cloth and used various items to represent surface features. Students use the camera to record the mission and play it back, allowing them to gather data such as evidence of water. Frantz encourages teachers to get creative when making their landscape, which provides an open ended environment for a multitude of lessons.
Teacher Tips for the New School Year
We often hear useful tips from teachers about caring for Terrapin products in the classroom. Here are some good ones for the new school year.

Tip #1 -- Binder clips are a great way to hang Card Mats and other Learning Mats vertically. Clamp at least two large binder clips over the Card Mat header and attached mat layers and hang the clip handles on hooks or pegs. Tight binder clips can work to hang other mats as well.

Tip #2 -- Maximize battery life by charging 'bots after use and then removing from the charger when fully charged. Eye signals indicate when the battery is charging and when it is fully charged. Unplug the the Docking Station when storing Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots after charging. Charging longer than overnight can degrade battery life.

Tip #3 -- Plastic sandwich bags or zip-lock bags can be a good way to  organize and store Command Cards, CVC Words Cards, or Alphabet Cards between use and have them ready for the next lesson. Have students stack the cards and slip them into the bag until next time.
In This Issue
New Alphabet Cards!

Terrapin is pleased to introduce Bee/Blue-Bot Alphabet Cards.  Each has a letter on one side and an image of something starting with the letter on the other. An order includes two decks and one deck comes with each Alphabet Mat.
Use Alphabet Cards to develop language, reading, and literacy skills.
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Collect and examine liguid samples with Easi-Scope and the LiveSlides┬« Kit. The kit  
  • 6 slides with liquid wells
  • uniform viewing covers 
  • collection bottle 
  • eyedropper
Sample ponds, streams, rain water, and more and see what you find!
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