Terrapin Resources
Volume 2, Number 1
Fall 2006

Welcome to Turtle Talk, the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Turtle Talk Begins Electronic Publication

Turtle Talk, the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software, begins electronic publication with this issue in conjunction with Terrapin Software’s new web site . Formerly a print publication, Turtle Talk’s conversion to electronic format allows for wider and more timely distribution throughout the Logo community.

Turtle Talk provides up-to-date information on Terrapin Logo and Terrapin’s Logo-related products as well as a forum for sharing experiences. Innovative uses of Logo will be featured along with ideas and tips for enhancing Logo’s educational power and constructing a creative learning environment. Ideas for future articles are most welcome. Email us about how Logo inspires you or your students or post your Logo project on our web site to share with others.

Subscribing to Turtle Talk is free and easy— just use the signup box on the right or on Terrapin’s home page . Turtle Talk is sent to all Terrapin customers who request it and is available to anyone else in the Logo community who would like to receive it. The address at which you received this issue is subscribed to the mailing list. Use the signup form to subscribe another address or the forwarding link below to send this issue to a friend. You may unsubcribe at any time with the SafeUnsubscribe link below.

Terrapin Logo Enhances Logic Curriculum at Challenger School
Challenger School

Challenger School uses Terrapin Logo with first through sixth grade students on 17 campuses in California, Nevada, and Utah. Terrapin Logo plays a fundamental role in Challenger School’s logic and thinking skills curriculum which emphasizes analysis, reasoning, evaluation, classification, and planning. Younger students begin with moving the turtle and learn to write procedures and superprocedures as their skills develop and they advance through the grades.

Richard Bobowski, Director of MIS, reports that Challenger School has licensed Terrapin Logo for installation on Windows XP computer labs at the 17 campuses where students spend two hours per week using Logo. Many parents of Challenger School students have taken advantage of Terrapin’s Home Discount Program to obtain Logo for use at home so their students can follow up on their school learning as they progress through the curriculum.

Try Out the Rope Swing Game from Down Under
Rope Swing

A new Logo project, developed by John Hayes, Principal of Te Puke Primary School in Te Puke, New Zealand is available in the Project Ideas section of the Terrapin web site. The Turtle Rope Swing Game is an interactive game created in Logo which engages students in learning about angles and estimating their size. You can download the file and play the game from the web site. View the Logo procedures to see how the game is constructed and add your own enhancements.

The Turtle Rope Swing Game is one of many project ideas available. New Logo projects are welcome. Use the convenient form to post one of your own.

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  • Turtle Talk Begins Electronic Publication
  • Terrapin Logo Enhances Logic Curriculum at Challenger School
  • Try Out the Rope Swing Game from Down Under
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