Terrapin Resources
Volume 2, Number 3
Spring 2007
Welcome to the spring issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Enter the Bee-Bot Worlds...
Bee-Bot moves along the busy street mat.

Follow Bee-Bot into a wide variety of cross-curricular worlds that are perfect for the classroom or home. Focus on Bee-Bot software and seven different mats expand the options for using the engaging Bee-Bot robot as a learning tool for young children both on and off the computer.

Focus on Bee-Bot software puts Bee-Bot in a three-dimensional on-screen world where it can explore any of seven curriculum-related environments. Children develop a route by clicking the on-screen buttons. A press of the GO command sends the virtual Bee-Bot on its way. Adjust the perspective as desired, watching Bee-Bot from above or beside or even from the Bee-Bot's own eye view. Students can save and print their experiences while teachers can utilize the numerous activity suggestions to engage their classes.

Colorful, pre-printed vinyl Bee-Bot mats provide excellent surfaces for Bee-Bot to travel and create Bee-Bot environments that can be used in many different subject areas. The alphabet, CVC, and number line mats suggest language and math lessons while the race track, busy street, and treasure island mats inspire students' imaginations and creativity. Each durable mat is ideally sized for Bee-Bot movements and will provide hours of learning fun. Try Bee-Bot and the Bee-Bot worlds to see how the excitement and motivation created by this little robot enhances learning.

Roamer Introduces Robotics at Woodland Elementary
Sing along with Roamer

Roamer turtle is providing an exciting introduction to a new robotics program at Woodland Elementary School in Southwick, Massachusetts. Designed by Enrichment teacher Mary Fernandez-Sierra to increase student interest in math, science, and technology, the robotics program is underwritten by the school Parent-Teacher Organization and endorsed by the School Committee.

Students begin by using flash cards to list Roamer commands and then take turns entering their programs on Roamer. They quickly move to more extended command sequences and controlling a virtual Roamer on the computer screen with Roamer World software. According to Ms. Fernandez-Sierra, as students develop their skills they will move into writing Logo programs and constructing and controlling Lego robots.

Teacher Judy Stearns stated, "The great thing about this is the robot is tied in to all our lesson plans; it can be applied across the curriculum." Local press coverage noted that Roamer generated "squeals of delight" among Woodland third-graders and let Haley Parker, age 9 sum up their feelings: "This is really cool!"

Example Procedures Expand Logo Experience
The keyboard is one of the example procedures combining graphics and sound.

Terrapin Logo includes example programs that are automatically installed in the Terrapin Logo folder. These both illustrate Logo programming techniques and are fun to use. Example programs range from musical compositions to interactive games and feature a collection of images and sounds that can be incorporated into Logo projects.

Load the example and utility files into Terrapin Logo and see how they work. Examine the procedures using the Logo editor for tips to improve your own projects. Play the music and games to just have fun.

Visit the Logo Resources section of the Terrapin web site and click Example and Utility Procedures for a complete listing of these files which are included as a bonus on the Terrapin Logo CD.

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