Terrapin Resources
Volume 2, Number 4
Summer 2007
Welcome to the summer issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Blast Off for Far Out Logo Investigations!
Far Out Logo Investigations

Far Out Logo Investigations is a new Logo project book written by Patricia Roberts, an experienced classroom teacher and curriculum consultant. Far Out is organized around a space exploration theme and challenges students with 15 projects of increasing complexity, from "Taking off with Logo" through "Lost in Space" up to "the Right Stuff." Students become astronauts who use Logo to develop their thinking and organizing skills to explore the far reaches of space.

Far Out Logo Investigations is published as a "stand-up" book. Spiral-bound at the top, it stands up conveniently next to the computer. Each project is presented on one page so that students can place the book next to the computer monitor and easily move back and forth between project directions in the book and Logo commands and experiments on the computer. Each project page has a "background page" on the flip side which contains tips, shortcuts, preparation instructions, and discussion topics for the project.

Far Out Logo Investigations is available as a single book for individual exploration and in economical classpacks for schools that want to use the books with multiple students. Support materials are available for download from the Terrapin web site. "Far Out" students are sure to be eager to learn as they explore the galaxies!

Future Teachers Use Terrapin Logo at Oakland University
Oakland University

Prospective teachers studying at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan use Terrapin Logo in their MTE 410 class on "Elementary School Mathematics and the Computer." The course provides an overview of programming with Logo, along with an analysis of common math problems, teaching methods, and learning styles and how Logo can be used creatively in the classroom.

According to Professor Laszlo Liptak, by learning basic Logo programming, his students reinforce their own math skills while learning intuitive ways to use the computer to introduce math concepts and mathematical reasoning to their future students. Students complete two team-based projects, including converting numbers between bases and printing an analysis of paying down down credit card balances based on different inputs by the user.

Oakland University has licensed Terrapin Logo for its computer labs but many students take advantage of Terrapin's Home Discount Coupon program for students of licensed schools. Professor Liptak notes that though most students are new to Logo when they take his class, their experience learning Logo helps them to understand how a computer processes information, how to break a large project into smaller parts, and how technology can be used to convey these skills to their future students.

Use Bee-Bot Narrative Mat Ideas to Enliven Curriculum
Busy Street Mat

Bee-Bot, the engaging little robot that introduces technology to young children, always adds excitement to the classroom. Opportunities to integrate Bee-Bot into the curriculum expand exponentially when Bee-Bot is combined with narrative floor mats. Each of the brightly-colored, durable vinyl mats is sized for Bee-Bot steps and turns and encourages students to create stories and scenarios for Bee-Bot to explore.

The Busy Street mat (shown here), the Race Track mat, and the Treasure Island mat each provides a different context for Bee-Bot's explorations and offers many possibilities for students to develop narratives and for teachers to link Bee-Bot activities to the curriculum. Now each mat comes with curriculum ideas and aids to enhance its use in the classroom. Activity suggestions tied to each mat can be downloaded from the Terrapin web site and used in your classroom!

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  • Blast Off for Far Out Logo Investigations!
  • Future Teachers Use Terrapin Logo at Oakland University
  • Use Bee-Bot Narrative Mat Ideas to Enliven Curriculum
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