Terrapin Resources
Volume 3, Number 1
Fall 2007

Welcome to the back-to-school issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Pro-Bot Combines Logo and Robotics

The versatile new Pro-Bot robot provides an exciting introduction to both robotics concepts and Logo programming. Designed as a race car, Pro-Bot can move in all directions in response to commands entered via the on-board keypad.

Pro-Bot is Bee-Bot's "big brother" and can operate both in Bee-Bot mode, with the arrow keys moving and turning Pro-Bot set amounts, or in Logo mode with distance and degree inputs for the movement and turn commands. The LCD screen records commands as entered and can be used to edit and enhance a command sequence. Pro-Bot supports the development and use of multiple procedures which can be called by the main program providing a strong foundation in Logo programming. It is an ideal vehicle to move students from simple to more complex programs and projects.

Pro-Bot's robot credentials are enhanced by sensors which provide feedback to which Pro-Bot can respond. Front and back bumpers are touch sensors which complement built-in light and sound sensors. A pen in the center lets Pro-Bot draw as it moves. Pro-Bot is an exciting and economical tool that will excite students as they experiment with robotics and build their Logo and problem-solving skills.

Worldwide Collaboration on Logo Projects
Potter's School

The Logo to Lego course at the on-line Potter's School unites students from around the world to share in the development of Logo projects and control Lego robotics constructions. The course uses Terrapin Logo to enhance students' understanding of computers and develop basic computer programming techniques. Then students apply their new skills to controlling Lego robots, using both Terrapin Logo and Lego's own control software, comparing and analyzing the advantages of each.

Students regularly meet on-line to compare notes and share tips. Though the current class includes students from South Korea, China, Yemen, Poland, India, and England as well as across the U.S., on-line collaboration allows them to learn from each other and share techniques across the world.

According to instructor Samuel Gray, "Logo allows us to open the eyes of our students to the world of programming and to take them from simplicity at the beginning to in-depth programming when we use Logo to program Lego robots at the end. Often times they are having too much fun to realize they are actually learning." The Potter's School student John Barber, of Boca Raton, FL adds, "It's a lot of fun and I play with Logo a lot. Sometimes at bedtime Mom tells me I can't do Logo any more!"

Far Out Teacher Resources Facilitate Classroom Use
Busy Street Mat

Far Out Logo Investigations is a set of Logo projects based on a space exploration theme. Students assume the role of "astronauts" and work through a series of progressively more challenging projects as they explore the universe from "Taking Off with Logo" to being "Lost in Space." With a spiral-bound, stand-up format, Far Out Logo Investigations offers easy back and forth between the screen and keyboard and the curriculum.

Classroom resources to support each of the 15 projects are now available on the Terrapin web site . These include suggestions for classroom implementation as well as a variety of forms and aids in PDF format that can be printed and used with the projects. Connections to other parts of the curriculum are available along with log books, worksheets, cards and cutouts that enhance the activities on and off the computer. To support classroom use, Terrapin offers economical Far Out class packs with multiple copies for a computer lab or classroom.

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    New Bee-Bot Mirror Tray

    The Bee-Bot mirror tray offers the perfect setting for Bee-Bot to roam. The lightweight but sturdy tray creates an instant surface for Bee-Bot in any environment. On tables, the one-inch lip around all four sides prevents Bee-Bot from going too far. The square tray is four by four Bee-Bot steps and its defined field of movement helps young children with counting and estimating.

    The transparent grid mat, the race track mat, the treasure island mat , and the shapes, color, and size mat fit in the 24" by 24" mirror tray which can also hold your own Bee-Bot destination drawings and objects.

    Texas Home School Coalition
    My son, James, loves programming with Terrapin Logo . If only getting him to do the rest of his schoolwork was this easy...

    — Dawn Tatsch, homeschool mother
    at the Texas Home School Coalition conference

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