Terrapin Resources
Volume 3, Number 2
Winter 2008

Happy new year and welcome to the winter issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Crystal Rain Forest V2 is here!
<i>Crystal Rain Forest</i> V2

Crystal Rain Forest, the exciting learning adventure that serves as a Logo tutorial, is now available in an updated new version. Crystal Rain Forest V2 is based on the same engaging narrative that turns students into rain forest explorers, but contains many new features that enhance the adventure and improve its ease of use. These include improved graphics and animation, three new activities integrated into the plot, new audio options, different modes of use, additional teacher controls, and expanded record-keeping. Crystal Rain Forest V2 is Mac/Windows and network compatible, including native XP, Vista, and OS X.

Crystal Rain Forest teaches Logo through a progression of activities, each a natural part of the plot. Students estimate distances and angles, repeat patterns, experiment with variables, and build procedures. They also encounter local residents, a snake with a sweet tooth, and some friendly monsters along the way. The story is exciting, the colors are bright, the activities are fun, all mixed with the right amount of clever animation and humor.

Crystal Rain Forest V2 culminates with "Crystal Logo," a mini-version of Logo that offers open-ended exploration. Teachers will appreciate the wide variety of options for use and the easy-to-navigate control menu that make Crystal Rain Forest easily adaptable to a wide range of age and skill levels. If you have used Crystal Rain Forest before, you will want to upgrade to the new version. If not, you will want to try this exciting Logo adventure!

Bee-Bot Excites Students at Piney Point Elementary

Bee-Bots have added excitement to computer science classes at Piney Point Elementary School in the Houston Independent School District in Houston, TX. Karen North, Technology Specialist at Piney Point, reports that students responded immediately to the introduction of Bee-Bots and that the little robots are great catalysts for mathematical thinking and group collaboration.

"Computer science prevents kids from being left behind in the 21st century," according to Mrs. North. "Bee-Bots are the only tool I have found to teach programming to K-2 students but they are excellent at accomplishing that and students love using them. My students are quick to finish their other tasks when I offer them the opportunity to work with the Bee-Bots during their free time."

Based on her experience at Piney Point, Mrs. North will present example K-2 computer science lessons using Bee-Bots on behalf of the Technology Applications Teacher Network at the Texas Computer Education Association Conference in Austin on February 4-6 and during the Problem-Solving Workshop at the National Educational Computing Conference in San Antonio on June 30.

Logo Command Help Now On-line
Logo Command Help

Terrapin Logo on-line Help is now available in the Logo Resources section of the Terrapin web site as well as automatically installed from the Terrapin Logo CD. On-line Help provides the definition of each Logo command along with illustrations and examples.

Web-based on-line Help offers organization of Logo commands by subject area as well as alphabetically. When writing Logo procedures, it is often helpful to look at other commands related to ones you are using. This can provide insights into different ways to accomplish the same goal or enhancements to your projects. The subject organization of the web-based on-line Help follows that of the Quick Reference Manual .

Web-based on-line Help is designed as a supplement to and extension of the Help that comes integrated with Terrapin Logo. It offers a platform for providing new and additional information and examples. Check in often and email any suggestions and additions.

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  • Crystal Rain Forest V2 is here!
  • Bee-Bot Excites Students at Piney Point Elementary
  • Logo Command Help Now On-line
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